88 Constellations Crossword Puzzle

2. The Cup (green)
3. The Telescope (yellow)
4. The Microscope (red)
10. The Furnace (blue)
12. Contains the bright star Spica (green)
13. Stern of the Argo (green)
15. Leo Minor is The __________ Cub (green)
18. Canis __________, contains the bright star Sirius (blue)
20. The Crow (green)
23. Coma __________, the Hair of Queen Berenice (green)
25. The Water Bearer (red)
26. Contains the South Celestial Pole (red)
28. The Wolf (yellow)
31. The River (blue)
32. The Hare (blue)
34. The Fox (red)
37. The Dove (blue)
39. Bird of Paradise (yellow)
42. Corona __________, The Southern Crown (yellow)
48. Contains the bright star Deneb (yellow)
49. The Healer (yellow)
50. The Triangle (red)
51. The Flying Fish (green)
52. The Crane (red)
53. The Net (blue)
55. The Dolphin (red)
57. The Sextant (green)
59. __________ Austrinus, cotains the bright star Fomalhaut (red)
61. The Shield (yellow)
62. Triangulum __________, The Southern Triangle (yellow)
63. The Unicorn (blue)
66. The Air Pump (green)
68. Contains the variable star Algol (blue)
70. Contains the bright stars Castor and Pollux (blue)
71. The Chameleon (green)
74. Contains the bright stars Betelgeuse and Rigel, and galaxy M42 (blue)
75. __________ Venatici, The Hunting Dogs (green)
79. The Chisel (blue)
80. The Dragon (yellow)
84. Contains the bright star Hadar (yellow)
85. The Arrow (yellow)
1. The Sculptor (red)
5. The Queen (red)
6. Named after an animal with a very long neck (blue)
7. The Peacock (red)
8. Contains the bright star Canopus (green)
9. The Clock (blue)
11. The Drawing Compass (yellow)
14. The King (red)
16. Corona __________, The Northern Crown (yellow)
17. Contains the bright star Antares (yellow)
19. Ursa Minor is The Bear __________ (green)
21. The Set Square (yellow)
22. The Scales (yellow)
24. The Archer (yellow)
27. Contains the bright star Aldebaran and the Pleiades star cluster (blue)
29. The Fish (red)
30. Ursa Major is The __________ Bear (green)
33. The Flying Horse (red)
35. The Foal (red)
36. Contains the bright star Vega (yellow)
38. Canis __________, contains the bright star Procyon (blue)
40. Contains the bright star Altair (yellow)
41. The Altar (yellow)
43. Contains the bright stars Denebola and Regulus (green)
44. The other part of The Water Snake (blue)
45. Contains the bright star Arcturus (green)
46. Contains the bright star Hamal (blue)
47. The Indian (red)
54. Table Mountain (blue)
56. The Water Snake (green)
58. The Small Magellanic Cloud is in this constellation, The Toucan (red)
59. The Compass (green)
60. The Southern Cross (green)
64. The Sea Goat (red)
65. The Fly (green)
66. Galaxy M31 is in this constellation, The Princess (red)
67. The Large Magellanic Cloud is in this constellation, The Dolphinfish (blue)
69. Sail of the Argo (green)
71. Galaxy M44 is in this constellation, The Crab (green)
72. The Wildcat (blue)
73. The Strong Man (yellow)
76. The Fire-Bird (red)
77. The Lizard (red)
78. The Serpent (yellow)
81. The Easel (blue)
82. Contains the bright star Capella (blue)
83. Contains the bright star Mira (red)